The Rona 2021: 88 Million served worldwide

The Rona 2021: 88 Million served worldwide

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01.06.21 - "The Rona 2021: 88 Million served worldwide"
 I originally stopped creating this series in June of 2020 when according to the Johns Hopkins pandemic tracking map there were approximately 6.8 million people infected with the coronavirus COVID-19. Today that same map shows 88 Million people infected worldwide.
The vaccine has begun to be administered to frontline workers and those at most risk.  
"Since the Thanksgiving holiday, when an untold number of people chose to ignore public health orders to stay home, active COVID-19 cases in Santa Barbara County have leaped from around 300 to a current 2,105. 

Hospitalizations spiked from the low-teens to 172.

The ICU capacity has plummeted to below 1 percent. For the first time since the start of pandemic, ICU surge beds are also now in use, with 12 currently occupied.

In the last 48 hours, 13 people have died, far more than any other two-day period. A total of 173 have lost their lives to COVID-19." SB Independent 

This is the 34th piece in this series.

These premium quality, hand signed and numbered archival limited edition prints all begin with a pen and ink drawing and are unframed.

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