SYV - Casa Dumetz - Los Alamos -  Santa Barbara County

SYV - Casa Dumetz - Los Alamos - Santa Barbara County

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Sonja Magdevski. Casa Dumetz.

Yes, another unbelievable gem in the humble Los Alamos crown of a town. We have sat in the windows of this establishment on a sunny day and Sonja has poured us tastings of her heart and soul. The warmth felt in the ambience of the physical building is matched by her smile and the excitement with which she discusses her wine. 
Bonus: Currently, in the attached next door space (previous home to Valley Fresh Tacos that we have thoroughly enjoyed) is Dim Sama. I used to live in downtown Santa Barbara just a few blocks from Sama Sama. It was such a great surprise to learn that they had opened up a northern location so we could get our Southeast Asian food feasting on. Two homeruns in one building. Add it to your list!  

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