SYV - Bell's - Los Alamos -  Santa Barbara County

SYV - Bell's - Los Alamos - Santa Barbara County

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Two years ago I was covered in paint, using the espresso machine inside Industrial Eats in Buellton, making myself a quad to warm & wake me up while I finished the mural outside.
An older "gentleman" I had not met before sat down at the small counter behind me and immediately started to talk some friendly smack. I turned around slowly to see if he was addressing me. The twinkle in his eye acknowledged it was so and I smiled back and thought to myself, "This is gonna be fun." We spoke for about ten minutes and made each other chuckle quite a bit. He told me that his daughter and son in-law were opening up a new place in Los Alamos and that I HAD to check it out.
GO.CHECK.IT.OUT. Another true feather in the cap of Los Alamos.
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