Santa Barbara 20 - Jimmy's

Santa Barbara 20 - Jimmy's

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"War Won Ton Take Me Away"
This piece was created for the grand re-opening of Jimmy's as the "Pickle Room."
15 local artists with a connection to Jimmy's were asked to participate. The art work was to be up for a month or's been up for 4 years. If you are ever in Santa Barbara, GO.

(The original print run (1st edition) of this piece was 25, at the 11in x17in size, and sold out in record time. This second edition is offered in two sizes 18in x 12in and 30in x 20in.)

I grew up eating Chinese food with my family in the restaurant and hearing the good-time noises next door at the bar. Fast forward many years later when a friend of mine lived upstairs and Jimmy's became his living room. We would take over a corner booth. The Mai Tais would flow. A few times I was actually behind the bar helping out.
Fast forward again, Bob and Clay Lovejoy reopen Jimmy's as "The Pickle Room" however the decor is the same. It feels good. Willy, Pilgrim, Jersey, Boston Jack to name a few. Did I mention the Chowder?

"Jimmy’s Oriental Gardens was a longtime favorite for locals and tourists alike before closing its doors in 2006 with the retirement of operator Tommy Chung. Opened in 1947 by Tommy’s father, Jimmy Yee Chung, the Chung family and Jimmy’s Oriental Gardens have been an important part of the diverse community of people who have lived and worked within the Presidio Neighborhood. During the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries the area in and around the Santa Barbara Presidio included communities of Chinese and Japanese, residing in what was a unique and culturally rich neighborhood. " -

These premium quality, hand signed and numbered archival limited edition prints all begin with a pen and ink drawing and are unframed.

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