SYV - LandScape - Ballard Canyon 3

SYV - LandScape - Ballard Canyon 3

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30 miles north of Santa Barbara, CA is the Santa Ynez Valley (SYV). The SYV is made up of several designated American Viticultural Area(s) (AVA).
Ballard Canyon AVA is one of them and "encompasses just 7,700 acres, providing a much tighter focus as it accounts for only 10% of the Santa Ynez Valley AVA.
After experimenting with many different varietals, the growers and producers of Ballard Canyon agree that Syrah is the best-suited varietal throughout Ballard Canyon. Over half of the AVA’s planted acreage is Syrah and an additional 30% of acres are planted to other Rhone varietals 
The north-south oriented canyon provides a unique weather pattern of wind, fog, and maritime influence, giving each wine a fingerprint of the specific place."-

One of my favorite local drives. The clouds settle right above the winding road and it is not uncommmon to see steer, buffalo, sheep, goats, owls, hawks and the occasional vulture. 
This is part of the Stolpman Vineyard.

These premium quality, hand signed and numbered archival limited edition prints all begin with a pen and ink drawing and are unframed.

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