The Rona 2021: 89 Million served worldwide

The Rona 2021: 89 Million served worldwide

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01.08.21 - "The Rona 2021: 89 Million served worldwide"
 I originally stopped creating this series in June of 2020 when according to the Johns Hopkins pandemic tracking map there were approximately 6.8 million people infected with the coronavirus COVID-19. Today that same map shows 89 Million people infected worldwide.
The vaccine has begun to be administered to frontline workers and those at most risk.  

"Santa Barbara Public Heath officials reported an additional 512 COVID-19 cases on Thursday, smashing the record of new cases reported on a single day.

The county has averaged 369.3 new cases per day during the past seven days, over 100 more than the seven-day average for the week prior.
There are now 1,938 cases still considered infectious in Santa Barbara County."

This is the 35th piece in this series.

These premium quality, hand signed and numbered archival limited edition prints all begin with a pen and ink drawing and are unframed.

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